Anonymous asked: Eeeee love that you don't photoshop yourself to death! Also the fact that you responded so directly and maturely to the allegations that you did shows what a lovely down to earth girl you are despite your gorgeous out-of-this-world looks

!!! (: thank you 😍

Anonymous asked: what are some of your favorite nature blogs? i'm sorry you have to deal with all this anon rubbish, i think you're stunning, photoshopped or not, especially because you're so kind to your followers

Trying to think of some people that post mostly nature:

It’s quite alright (: Thank you!


I was going to make this a private message, but since the original post I tagged with your Tumblr name (dyspnoeic) was made public it’s only fair to offer an apology in the same manner.

I didn’t really know who you were and I’ve seen you tagged and mentioned in the confession blogs saying you…

Thank you very much for clarifying! That is incredibly kind of you.
Very appreciated (: