Anonymous asked: Knocks on your glass house accidentally leaves a crack in it. Backs away slowly, very, slowly.... Runs away!!!!!!!!!!

*old man voice*
You crazy kids and your glass breaking!

mybeautifulparanoiax asked: Even though there is a lot of contrast, you can still see that the contours of your face are the same as your photos.

Yes, thank you! And, I couldn’t really fix the contrast.  I saved the video from snapchat, and it was either super bright, bright, or totally dark :o

Anonymous asked: I love following you. You have an awesome blog, you're gorgeous and you're super nice to everyone. Even your followers are nice. Its been awhile since I've seen that. Have a nice day!

Thank you! I do have some nice/awesome followers (:
Hurrah for positive things!
Have a great day (: xx

Anonymous asked: Not even photoshop can help those people. That's why they're going on about you being THE DEVIL AND SUCH UGLY PERSON AND UR SOUL MUST BURN.. Fucking jelly beans.

Bahaha jelly beans

zanabism asked: but...i get snapchats from you all the time and you look exactly the same as you do here in your pictures and obviously you're not "doctoring" your snaps so...??? why are people bein' so weird

I don’t knowwwww. Maybe they like being grey face bullies that “piss themselves with laughter” at my face